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Thanks to those of you who are taking the time to write to us, and thank you for letting us post some of your letters!...

“The Big Cook is the greatest thing that has ever happened to my cooking! I have tried similar plans in the past, but most of the meals were cooked on the day you prepared them and then just reheated on the day you ate them. The food always hard work is fun when you do it together, and having all those meals in your freezer makes life so much easier. Thanks for such a great plan and delicious recipes!”
Lisa, Australia

“Forget chocolate, my Mom bought your book for me for Easter! My family is enjoying great meals, a more relaxed pace around mealtime, and a more on track budget. Keep ‘em coming!”
Jobina, Manitoba

“I am very impressed with “The Big Cook” concept and will continue to promote it to my clients because it solves so many problems for them. They save time and money but also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are providing a nutritious meal for their loved ones. That’s why I have “The Big Cook” on my “Favorite Authors” list that I give to clients.”
Dr. Linda Hancock, BA, BSW, M.Ed., PSY.D. Registered Psychologist/Registered Social Worker

“LOVE THE BOOK and the concept. It is like Christmas morning going down to the freezer each morning and finding food all ready to go!”
Sharleen, Alberta

“Fabulous. You’ve saved my sanity. I’ve recommended your book to every working woman I know.”
Cheryl, Ontario

“I’m sold on this book. Thanks for writing it! “What’s for supper?” no longer makes me cringe.”
Heather, British Columbia

“I love the way your book is set up, everything on one page, meals listed 1 to 8 , ingredients easy to see and methods easy to see. And the hints and suggestions are a real bonus. This is, by far, the best cookbook setup I have ever seen (and I have a cookbook library!). Thanks, ladies, you have done a marvelous job!”
Bonnie, Alberta

“This is a fantastic meal planning system to follow with your friends. You can beat the Harvard and Columbia University stat’s that cite ‘the family-dinner deficit as a contributing factor in childhood obesity, teen substance abuse, poor academic performance and increased household stress’ by following The Big Cook strategies to get your family to the dinner table every night.”
Lynn Fraser, work-life balance expert, www.familiesareworthit.com, Alberta

“My mother-in-law who has had 9 children calls this her “cooking bible” and wishes this was around 30 years ago. It is a real time saver, and the recipes are delicious!”
Lisa, Alberta

“The benefits to us are amazing: substantial savings on groceries as everything is planned and we split everything, a really fun day together making a variety of great meals, and at the end of it all something really good to eat each night after a long day at work! We love it. A Big Thank you to the authors of The Big Cook!”
Kelly, Alberta

“LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! I am a terrible cook and everybody knows it...then...I tried your BBQ beef … Bought the book and have been thrilled with every recipe we’ve tried....more importantly, my very active 4 year old and 7 year old love the food as well! WELL DONE!”
Nadine, Alberta

“This book should be on every bridal and baby shower registry.”
— Jodi, Manitoba

“Baby girl is now 5 days old and my hubby is now totally sold on this way of eating/cooking/ shopping & living!”
Facebook member

“Bought your book this past fall. FINALLY got going on it 3 weeks ago, had 46 meals in the deepfreeze. Freaking fabulous!! Family of 6, 3 kids and myself in hockey, hubby working and calving out 220 head of cattle. Why didn’t I do this earlier??!! I have passed it on to 6 of my busy busy friends. Best thing ever!!! Love it!!”
Vanessa, via Facebook