How It All Began

The Big Cook began in 1997, right when our families were expanding at a dramatic rate and cooking began to become a real challenge. Providing healthy, homemade meals became hard to do as the busy-ness of life began to take over. The authors got together to “cook in masse” creating many meals at the same time to be used on future days. The idea took off and we all came to rely on these meals throughout our hectic schedules on those days ending in the letter “y”. Even having guests over for a wonderful meal became easier when the tasty main course was ready to be cooked.


The Big Cook has truly changed our lives when it comes to supper preparation! Our households are full of activities; sports, music, church, etc. We can’t fully express the satisfaction of going to our freezers and having a choice of great meals available at our fingertips! We have now been doing The Big Cook for over 16 years and will never go back to the old method of meal preparation!

The Big Cook Authors

Deanna Siemens

Deanna received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alberta in 1988 and her Certified Dental Assisting from NAIT in 2009. She is married to an exceptional man and has three children who are currently in various stages of their post secondary education. Although she no longer works as a nurse, she keeps very busy working part time as a dental assistant and book keeper as well as all of the activities associated with the promotion and distribution of The Big Cook cookbooks. Deanna particularly loves the Big Cook on those nights when she arrives home at 6 p.m. and has to be out the door to a meeting or sports event by 7 p.m. “The meals also come in handy when we go camping or to the cabin. I don’t have to pack a truckload of ingredients – I just grab a variety of ready to cook meals from my freezer. The Big Cook meals also allow me to spend more time boating or skiing because I don’t need to be come in early to cut and chop”. As a problem solver she helped develop a solution to the ever-present question of “what’s for supper?” The Big Cook has taken the work out of planning suppers and given her the freedom to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and her family.


Lorelei Boschman

Lorelei received her Bachelor of Education Degree from The University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada in 1988. She began her teaching career immediately after this and received the Edwin Parr Award for First Year Teacher of the year for Alberta in 1989. She then taught at Medicine Hat High School for the next 22 years teaching grades 9 – 12 Math and Food Studies. Lorelei received her Master of Education degree in 1997 also from The University of Lethbridge. Since 2008 she has been teaching at the Medicine Hat College, where she teaches education and math classes, now on a full-time basis. Her organizational and instructional skills help her to encourage others to go after their dreams and be the best they can be. Learning is lifelong.


Lorelei is recently married to an amazing man and they have opened a new franchise business as of 2012. They have a blended family of 7 awesome children between the ages of 12 and 21. With a household of activities in sports, music, church and outdoor pursuits, The Big Cook is a true lifesaver that allows her to spend her time with her family. The Big Cook has allowed the organization of meals to ensure her family eats well even when a busy day inevitably occurs. She has grown to value these meals as her family matures and activities fill in the gaps. “I can’t tell you how much I value my Big Cook meals when I’m out the door to college and I already know that I’ve put a nutritious delicious meal in the slow cooker that will be ready for my family for supper!” Spreading the word that the dinner dilemma can be solved is close to her heart because it can positively change so many families’ lives.

Deanna and Lorelei would love to speak at your conference, corporate event or large group meeting!

Let us show and inspire your audience how The Big Cook concept can change their lives. Our catchy presentation and live demo where we prepare 8 meals in 5 minutes will capture their attention, excite and empower them with a concept that will impact their daily lives.