200 meals
in just
ONE day!

Have fun with friends and fill your freezer with delicious, nutritious main-course meals!

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"This is not an ordinary cookbook: it is much more than that.

It is a cooking concept."

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delicious beef, chicken, pork, seafood and vegetarian recipes 
with full color photos

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Bulk Cooking

The Big Cook takes bulk cooking and once-a-month cooking to a new level. Prepare easy, stress free, delicious and healthy recipes and meals ahead of time. By preparing months of suppers in one day you will never have to worry what to serve for dinner again!


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Why You'll Love
The Big Cook

It’s 5:00pm … 

• You are not rushing around frantically trying to get supper made.
• You have a freezer full of delicious, nutritious homemade meals that are ready to be cooked and enjoyed.
• You have prepared all these meals in one day while having fun with friends!
• We have proven that it only takes a little longer to make 8 meals of the same recipe than does to make one.

“This is a fantastic meal planning system to follow with your friends.”
You can beat the Harvard and Columbia University stat’s that cite ‘the family-dinner deficit as a contributing factor in childhood obesity, teen substance abuse, poor academic performance and increased household stress’ by following The Big Cook strategies to get your family to the dinner table every night.”
— Lynn Fraser, work-life balance expert,, Alberta

“I am very impressed with The Big Cook concept.”
I will continue to promote it to my clients because it solves so many problems for them. They save time and money but also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are providing a nutritious meal for their loved ones. 
— Dr. Linda Hancock, BA, BSW, M.Ed., PSY.D. Registered Psychologist/Registered Social Worker

“I love the way your book is set up”
Eerything on one page, meals listed 1 to 8 , ingredients easy to see and methods easy to see. And the hints and suggestions are a real bonus. This is, by far, the best cookbook setup I have ever seen (and I have a cookbook library!). Thanks, ladies, you have done a marvelous job!”
— Bonnie, Alberta

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Recipes have been designed with 4 columns to make between 1 and 8 meals of the same recipe. 
One meal feeds between 4 to 6 people.